Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

Tonight was Parent / Teacher Conference night for Zoe. Of course, Monkey had hurt her arm in some dramatic way late in the afternoon so that left me teetering on making the decision whether she should go to the emergency room or not. If we went, we would have to reschedule the conference. If we didn't, what would she be like during the conference (we had cleared it with Zoe's teacher beforehand that both girls could come).

She's, for the most part, screaming in pain most of the afternoon and early evening (even through dinner, which is one of her three favorite meals of the day). What else is there to do but take her to the conference and maybe to the ER after.

We get to the school, begin our conference, and lo and behold, Monkey forgets she's hurt and starts exploring Zoe's classroom. She hasn't complained of any pain since.

In other great news, Zoe is advanced to a late first grade / early second grade level in many areas, so says her teacher. My first reaction was, "I wonder if she's getting bored in class." Teacher assured me that Zoe's social skills are great and she's not one to cause trouble if she already knows the answers to the work. She'll just complete it and wait patiently (!?!?) for the other children to finish.

I wanted to ask Teacher, "Which kid are you talking about again?" Patience and Zoe don't go hand-in-hand. She assured me that Zoe is pretty much a perfect angel at school.

Which, really - if kids are going to misbehave, don't you want them to be doing it at home, for you, instead of at school for the teacher and 20 students to see?

I thought so.

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