Sunday, September 11, 2011

There I Go Again

I have abandoned this blog all summer and again have toyed with deleting it but just can't seem to.  I guess I have more to say.

Sometimes I look at Zoe and Monkey and the sight of them makes me want to cry.  I do confess that sometimes I think I am a horrible mother and that I'm messing them up in a terrible way.  They're both wonderful children, really.  But sometimes I catch one of them out of the corner of my eye and I'm floored by them.  I want to cry with such joy that I had a hand in creating such wonderful and perfect lives.

They are headstrong.  They are both a little wild.  And they're both loud.  But they're supposed to be, whether I have a headache or not, or I'm tired or not.  They're supposed to be like this, for children's imaginations don't know the boundaries of a grown-up's headaches or exhaustion. 

My children are healthy.  For the most part they are happy.  And another confession?  I'm terrified that the time I have with them is slipping away far too quickly.

I'll try to write here more often.  If you read this blog, please take a moment to let me know.  Share with your friends.  Us parent-types have to stick together.


Thanks for stopping by!